Racing in Colorado and beyond

2013 USA TeamTook a photo with the rest of the USA National Team about a mile down the road from the race. Sweet to get to stand next to all the rest of the USA stars getting ready to represent at the World Championship on our home ground.

2013 first half a lapGot out on to course and flatted in the first half a lap. Challenge Limus is what i road today in the mud and there seems to be nothing better for this kind of mud, grabs it and sheds it. I love the way the course is looking right now, very euro esk. Unless we get more rain my prediction for the course by race day is it will be a lot dryer and wont be as slow and sloppy. There is just to much water out there to get all the way dry but will be a good combination of fast and sloppy.

Boo is holding strong and floating through the sand that was on course and looks like it is going to be a good weekend for me and Boo/Enve/Challenge.

If you see me out there remember to give me a big fat BOOOOOOO!!!!!

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Louisville KY

Found out i was heading to the Cyclo-Cross World Championships in Louisville KY about two weeks ago. Just made it here after an extra two weeks of prep and now it looks like the weather has taken a turn for the worst. There was a few tornado warnings last night and now the course is under a bit of water. Good thing Bamboo floats. I will get to ride the course for the first time today and will post up what kind of nasty has been born.

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Boo Me

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For those Boo customers who have not heard of Skyler Trujillo, he’s a young man who rides bikes off-road very very fast.  At just 20 years of age, he’s been on Elite Men’s podiums after duking it out with other high-calibur riders, and he’s been a star in the Fort Collins and Colorado scenes for a while now.

Skyler on podium for Boo Bicycles

Skyler on podium for Boo Bicycles

In the past, he’s been more focused on the summer MTB season.  This year, after some brilliant racing and earning the honor of riding for the United States at the World Championship Cross Country Mountain Bike race in July, he has carried his form through to the ‘cross season.  He has two Boo RS-X Disc ‘cross rigs, decked out with a full compliment of Enve Composites tubular 29er wheels, Enve bar/stem, and Sram Force 1×10 drivetrain for reliability.

Check out a gallery of Skyler’s amazing third overall Elite Men in the CO State Championships!

Skyler just finished up his “BOO me!” campaign over in Europe–this slogan is one which has become quite popular in the ‘cross world.  Normally heckling and cheering in cyclocross are one in the same, sometimes positive and sometimes negative.  But as Skyler has been cheered by so many screaming “BOO!” he’s turned it into a positive, a calling card of sorts.  Whether lead riders hear “BOO!” and know Skyler’s charging up from behind, or he’s off the front with no hope of being caught, he’s encouraged all fans to, “BOO me!”.

Muddy buddy! Apparently the Boo RS-X Disc with Challenge Fangos mounted to Enve Composites tubular 29er wheels passed the test with flying colors.

Muddy buddy! Apparently the Boo RS-X Disc with Challenge Fangos mounted to Enve Composites tubular 29er wheels passed the test with flying colors.

After a brutal few races in Belgium and Northern Europe, he is coming back home to Colorado to rest up and be ready to rock the U-23 National Championships in just two weeks in Madison, Wisconsin.  He had this to say about his experience:

State Champs

One of only a handful of riders to scale “The Wall” during the CO State Championships, Skyler wowed the crowd.

The Boo’s preformed great and at each race they got more exposure than during my entire US season. People loved them and wouldn’t leave me alone about them, even on the start line. I even got a few groups to start BOOing me because I let them know that’s what I was about. It was way too cool of an experience and even the other mechanics in the pits wouldn’t leave my own mechanics alone while they were trying to work. They told me it was by far the most popular bike in the pit and while walking to the pit. No one could believe that they were really made of bamboo! Even when warming up I could hear people talking about the bike, sitting right in the middle of all the other Americans warming up. My top results were 19th the first day here in Namur, 42nd at the Zolder World Cup, and 25th my last day in Baal.

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Cyclo-Cross National Championship

Sorry i am so off the back with my posts but i will be getting it updated with everything that has happened between nationals and the end of the school year soon. Thanks for Viewing.

Cross Nationals was in early January this year instead of early December like normal for USA. This was a little problematic because my racing season was extended an extra three weeks, but with my lack of training this year it gave me enough time to get back to the fitness i wanted to nationals.

The U-23 race was on Saturday the 7th and it was a warm day for Madison, WI. The mud was deep and draining, and the competition was great. I started 4th row which was a little further back then I wanted, but I had another great start and by the first corner was in the top 10. I slowly made ground up into 4th place where it was a close battle between 3 of us. After that i found out that i went out a little to hard and started to blow up. so i backed off and gave up 4th and 5th deciding that it was time to save energy for the collegiate race the next day. Finishing up in 6th in U-23 was right on track with my goals for this last year and i look forward to next year, planing to bring a new level of myself to the U-23 field.


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FLC Collegiate Race

Fort Lewis put on its local collegiate race this last weekend and it was probably the best collegiate race that I did this year. Unfortunately I have found out that I won’t be going to collegiate nationals this year because of the extreme competition level here in Durango and Fort Lewis. So I will be focusing on racing cross from here on out. I will be posting up something from the USGP in Fort Collins soon.

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Collegiate and Cross update

Started racing downhill in the collegiate racing series and having
a blast. Decided that I was going to focus on cross this year and try to do
well at U-23 nationals.  Training for
that so I don’t know how the rest of collegiate MTB will turn out. At this
point I am just struggling to try to get on the Fort Lewis Collegiate national
team. SOOOOO many fast riders up here. It’s like I moved to a little get away
of Europa in the Rocky Mountains.

On the cross front I am looking forward to The USGP in Fort Collins
and hope to see anyone there that can make it. I am ready and can’t wait to
race some high level cross.

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Steamboat Springs Collegiate Kick Off

This last weekend I race the collegiate race in Steamboat springs. This was the first MTB race of the season for collegiate racing. I took up my A9C as my only MTB bike even though I was racing cross country, short track, 4 cross, and downhill. I was doing pretty good sitting in 3rd place in the cross country, but I took a wrong turn so I got disqualified. In the 4 cross I took 3rd in the B’s but had the 3rd fastest qualifying time overall by a quarter of a second off first. Then in the short track I was a little beat down from the day before but I managed to pull out a second place in the A’s. And in the downhill I raced my downhill bike (A9C) =) I had a great run and pulled off the win in the B’s. turns out maybe a carbon hard tail is sometimes the best way to go.

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Fort Lewis College

First day of college was exciting and insightful for what
the rest of the year will have in store.
So far I have met so many new people I have got about four names down
and this year is going to be a blast getting to know all the rest of the Fort
Lewis College and the Durango community. The first cycling meeting is on the Tuesday
the 30th and after that I believe my first race is on the 17th
of September. I can’t wait for this Collegiate cycling season. It will be full
of new friends and sick races for many years past my college experience.

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Pro Short Track Nationals

In the pro short track I was one of the last to get called up but I was able to make my way into the 6th row (out of 8 rows). Started and made a few spots right away then just played a little frogger the rest of the race jumping up group to group then falling back a few and jumping up a few more. Until I made it up to a group of four and the leader of that group was in 12th in the pro men short track. But I was blown out and there were still 2 laps to go. I fell back to a group that first was 18th then crashed around the final turn and got up to finish in 22nd. Top 25 at my first pro national championship is something to be proud of for sure and I am.

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Cross Country U-23 Nationals

I had a pretty solid start position in the third row of about 50 total starters. The start went about 100 feet on super lose gravel before it pitched up for a 10 minute climb. I was able to run up the first little pitch and work my way up to 15th by the top of the first climb and just settled in and picked off 2 or 3 a lap the full 5 laps until I finished in 7th place. I had a plan of how I wanted to race and did exactly that, except for throwing down a nice baseball slide on the final decent. Super excited for a top 10 in my first U-23 nationals and look forward to the next year national race.

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